...or not?

Last Night i dream such a wonderful Dream. But still i knew it until now, cause  i can feel this  emotion right now. 

I dreamed about that my love lay near me. We watch each other for really long moments, and then i asked him if i can touch his wonderful Face. He allow it me...

His skin was so beautiful and mellow... So then i woke up and listen the sadliest song wich i know. "the last song" from X-Japan, where i must cry ever!! So i listen to it and must cry. Through this i feel how i touch his mellow skin. I can feel it right now. Sure i never meet him but i know it like he stay beside me.

This moments are really important for me. So and i listen the song some times more. I dont care about that i cry, i only wont remember me for the feeling how i touched his wonderful face.


But today if i talk with my mum on afternoon she say that its strange cause ,he dont know me, he love me eiter! Are? I mean... yes could be but however he tell me the 3 words wich make me more than happy. But today i dont feel right on the evening, i dont understand my feelings, my heart hurts & i fear me so much that could be something happen, but something bad!!

So write my feeling there. I hope if the Guy read this know that i have feelings but i am not sure for the further time until the concert. So then i will know the Reality! I hope i dont fall on a snare. I am not longer to be able feel sure that He loves me like me him.




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a better time starts~~

So ne~


my last days are not so important but haha

after the holidays my best time starts if my dear turn back and we can talk <3

*love chu*

 so ne i wish so much that i could arrive march in faster time so i can meet some of my best friends & maybe my dear? ;3


sone i have a piercing gotten. on my rightside lip <3 next wee i became the original i hope i can eat then better as now xD it annoy me so much times... hm ...but so if i will color my hairi have crush! -_-" and i must wait ..or? for my contacts, but i could need it yet now too^^ then i have all things what i want. my piercing, a light haircolor & contacts *oo*


yea~ nothing important to say i rejoice & count the days until to march for Ancafe-concert

baiki greetings from Fuyu-chan :333~ 

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more than love?? [[fuck christmas ♥]]


my last weekend i survive also with some tears () ...

but now my presentation wasnt so good as i hope...i get only a 3. Schooltime is really stressful these days >_____< *drop* Tomorrow we have again graphic-design lesson and english and technologylesson ...

ahw these days if i came to the city.. i hate it so much why can my dear not stand beside me??? why why why??? mhw...

yes i try not to cry!! >//< really! so i hate it when he must leave me again and again and i counting the hours everyday... until its evening -3- and in some days i get my piercing and i meet again my own Miku-chan i rejoice so much for it and after this year i getting older -.- mhwa...~

so my feeling isnt good at the moment i dont know why maybe its the emotion wich came again like every month but now again extreme -.- i hope i can hold back ths sadfeeling so that dont hurt myself again >___<

wah yes and next weekend on satuday i am in Berlin to buy somethings and christmas presents of course :D and i hope i get the newest Shoxx of January....


christmas are bad when you dont can live / enjoy with your boyfriend..i hate it really now! but i hope i can enjoy almost so i am not in Osaka near by my dear...


greeting to all..


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search for my own way



today is sunday and my heart is beating for only one guy. if I alive the next time i am strong because i missed him so much and all my thankgiving are for him.

i want to kiss him and so on >/////< but if he can came next year on march i will be so endless happy

so nothing its to say for important  hm yes but i am very busy for the next week it will be hard for me because we have some works to write... but i hope i alive and the next weekend i must try to beeing strong because i cant talk with my love T__T


hm yes...oh i say sorry if you are find only the same information in my post....

lovely greetig to all wich read this


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Virgin Snow Color fall down~

Hey Guys~

 How are you all? :D My last days was stressful and some relaxed^^ but two things i know that i missed these days... i meet some friends but iam not REALLY happy, because someone are not beside me... If you read these lines my honeyboy, you should know i really missed you and i want to belong to you.

This week its relaxed time...and everyday the snow fall down and i think only one thing everytime...


snow Pictures, Images and Photos

 and i hope the time goes by, that i could finally my own way to you in your arms.........

but if you read it you should please dont think iam very sad... hm yes maybe you can say it, but sometime i like to lough <33~ i am a cafekos, i like to lough... but in my heart i know i cannot be lucky and happy because the one person wich i make a promise.......


at last i want to say i will try my best to reech my aim... <33~



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lightblond Tuesday

today i only visit the first block of my lessons. the rest i must go to my doctor. But if i came to her i see in their window a letter wich stand today are closed.


njaaan after it i drive with my father to the electronic shop "Mediamarkt". Yes and i see so beautiful things wich i want to have *~* but its  not  far until christmas and my bday *o*

hmm but i cant not really decide me what i should buy <3 a new Laptop with a extern saveplace or a  "Spiegelreflexcamera" Q___Q i want to have both! hmmm~

ah yes i colored my hair this day to liht blond BUT its not really the blond wich i want xD... next week i doo the next coloration on my hai i want to have pure white hair *o* it will be so great! <3 njan~ and i hope if i take my Fanfictions online i dont annoy someone >//<"

the evening was really great i talk with my 2 sweet japanese guys ;3 together... njan but really i hope i want to see you fast!^^

i love you Guys!

Thats me before i changed my haircolor^^


me again (with thw new haircolor!) (edit!)

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Today ♥

My day start very early but not good i dozy almost >.< "

I rejoice the full day for my evening because i can talk with my cute Boy ;3  yes if you read this lines, you should know aishiteru cute Boy ♥



And i get some marks but i am not content >.< i want to be better! Yes today i wear a white hank, all say it looks very good , maybe i make some pics of them^^~ but today i am happy because i can talk with some amazing people.

Njan ♥♥

Daisuki minna~


greetings your Fuyumi-san  


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