lightblond Tuesday

today i only visit the first block of my lessons. the rest i must go to my doctor. But if i came to her i see in their window a letter wich stand today are closed.


njaaan after it i drive with my father to the electronic shop "Mediamarkt". Yes and i see so beautiful things wich i want to have *~* but its  not  far until christmas and my bday *o*

hmm but i cant not really decide me what i should buy <3 a new Laptop with a extern saveplace or a  "Spiegelreflexcamera" Q___Q i want to have both! hmmm~

ah yes i colored my hair this day to liht blond BUT its not really the blond wich i want xD... next week i doo the next coloration on my hai i want to have pure white hair *o* it will be so great! <3 njan~ and i hope if i take my Fanfictions online i dont annoy someone >//<"

the evening was really great i talk with my 2 sweet japanese guys ;3 together... njan but really i hope i want to see you fast!^^

i love you Guys!

Thats me before i changed my haircolor^^


me again (with thw new haircolor!) (edit!)

11.11.08 22:56

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