Virgin Snow Color fall down~

Hey Guys~

 How are you all? :D My last days was stressful and some relaxed^^ but two things i know that i missed these days... i meet some friends but iam not REALLY happy, because someone are not beside me... If you read these lines my honeyboy, you should know i really missed you and i want to belong to you.

This week its relaxed time...and everyday the snow fall down and i think only one thing everytime...


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 and i hope the time goes by, that i could finally my own way to you in your arms.........

but if you read it you should please dont think iam very sad... hm yes maybe you can say it, but sometime i like to lough <33~ i am a cafekos, i like to lough... but in my heart i know i cannot be lucky and happy because the one person wich i make a promise.......


at last i want to say i will try my best to reech my aim... <33~



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25.11.08 22:41

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