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today is sunday and my heart is beating for only one guy. if I alive the next time i am strong because i missed him so much and all my thankgiving are for him.

i want to kiss him and so on >/////< but if he can came next year on march i will be so endless happy

so nothing its to say for important  hm yes but i am very busy for the next week it will be hard for me because we have some works to write... but i hope i alive and the next weekend i must try to beeing strong because i cant talk with my love T__T


hm yes...oh i say sorry if you are find only the same information in my post....

lovely greetig to all wich read this


30.11.08 19:51

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(30.11.08 21:10)
i miss you so much and I really hope you don't mind it that I can not be here on the weekend

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