more than love?? [[fuck christmas ♥]]


my last weekend i survive also with some tears () ...

but now my presentation wasnt so good as i hope...i get only a 3. Schooltime is really stressful these days >_____< *drop* Tomorrow we have again graphic-design lesson and english and technologylesson ...

ahw these days if i came to the city.. i hate it so much why can my dear not stand beside me??? why why why??? mhw...

yes i try not to cry!! >//< really! so i hate it when he must leave me again and again and i counting the hours everyday... until its evening -3- and in some days i get my piercing and i meet again my own Miku-chan i rejoice so much for it and after this year i getting older -.- mhwa...~

so my feeling isnt good at the moment i dont know why maybe its the emotion wich came again like every month but now again extreme -.- i hope i can hold back ths sadfeeling so that dont hurt myself again >___<

wah yes and next weekend on satuday i am in Berlin to buy somethings and christmas presents of course :D and i hope i get the newest Shoxx of January....


christmas are bad when you dont can live / enjoy with your boyfriend..i hate it really now! but i hope i can enjoy almost so i am not in Osaka near by my dear...


greeting to all..


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10.12.08 23:23

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