a better time starts~~

So ne~


my last days are not so important but haha

after the holidays my best time starts if my dear turn back and we can talk <3

*love chu*

 so ne i wish so much that i could arrive march in faster time so i can meet some of my best friends & maybe my dear? ;3


sone i have a piercing gotten. on my rightside lip <3 next wee i became the original i hope i can eat then better as now xD it annoy me so much times... hm ...but so if i will color my hairi have crush! -_-" and i must wait ..or? for my contacts, but i could need it yet now too^^ then i have all things what i want. my piercing, a light haircolor & contacts *oo*


yea~ nothing important to say i rejoice & count the days until to march for Ancafe-concert

baiki greetings from Fuyu-chan :333~ 

9.1.09 23:01

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