...or not?

Last Night i dream such a wonderful Dream. But still i knew it until now, cause  i can feel this  emotion right now. 

I dreamed about that my love lay near me. We watch each other for really long moments, and then i asked him if i can touch his wonderful Face. He allow it me...

His skin was so beautiful and mellow... So then i woke up and listen the sadliest song wich i know. "the last song" from X-Japan, where i must cry ever!! So i listen to it and must cry. Through this i feel how i touch his mellow skin. I can feel it right now. Sure i never meet him but i know it like he stay beside me.

This moments are really important for me. So and i listen the song some times more. I dont care about that i cry, i only wont remember me for the feeling how i touched his wonderful face.


But today if i talk with my mum on afternoon she say that its strange cause ,he dont know me, he love me eiter! Are? I mean... yes could be but however he tell me the 3 words wich make me more than happy. But today i dont feel right on the evening, i dont understand my feelings, my heart hurts & i fear me so much that could be something happen, but something bad!!

So write my feeling there. I hope if the Guy read this know that i have feelings but i am not sure for the further time until the concert. So then i will know the Reality! I hope i dont fall on a snare. I am not longer to be able feel sure that He loves me like me him.




25.1.09 03:11

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(26.1.09 21:48)
you can be sure about this. it made me sad when I read your blog because I know that I am often a bad boyfriend. You can be sure that I want to change this...


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